How to Say Blue in 10 Different Languages


In this article we have described 10 words used for color blue in different languages. The human experience is incomplete without sight. The functions of sight and color are closely related. It is interesting to note that color had a far lesser significance in human experience not so long ago. Many strange color descriptions have been found in Greek texts. In fact, blue never appears in the text. Rather than describing the sea as dark blue, the author describes it as “wine-dark.”.

  • Blue in Albanina

Albanian speakers use a word “blu” for blue. It means, if you want to say blue in Albanian, just remove the letter “e” and we got the word.

  • Blue in Bulgarian

The word used for Blue in Bulgarian is “син” This word sounds like “sin”

  • Blue in Dutch

The word used in Dutch for Blue color is “Blauw” and it sounds like “Blaoo”

  • Blue in French

The 2 words used for Blue color in French language. First one is “Bleue” and the second one is “bleu”. Both words sounds like “ Blu”

  • Blue in Vietnamese

The different languages like Vietnamese and Igbo have tough words in writing and speaking. It is difficult for English speakers to say blue in Vietnamese language. The word is “màu xanh dương”. As you can see, it is a long word for just 4 letters “blue” and its sound is also difficult. When I try to listen its sound in google, it sounds me like “mou zang zua”

Like the word blue, There are many other difficult words in writing and speaking used for blue in different languages. But in this article we have mentioned only Vietnamese.

  • Blue in Italian

Blue in Italian language is just “Blu” and it sounds as we say blue in English.

  • Blue in Portuguese

In Portuguese language, The word used for Blue color is totally changed in both, writing and speaking. It is “azul” in written and it sounds like “aazu”. So we have noted that in sound, the letter “l” is silent.

  • Blue in Russian

Like Portuguese, The word for blue is also totally changed in Russian language. Russian people use a word “синий” for blue, If you want to say blue in Russian, you have to say “siniy”

  • Blue in Hindi

The word blue in hindi is “नीला” and it sounds like “neela”. There is a thing to note that many words in Hindi and Urdu language are different in writing but common in sound. Just like the word Blue sound.

  • Blue in Persian

The word used for blue in Persian language is “آبی” and it sounds like “aabi”

History of Blue Color

The word “blue” actually didn’t exist in Greek times, historians have concluded after digging deeper into the history of blue. Colors like white, light, and dark barely differ from shades of this color.

It simply was not important enough to contain a word that described it. Blue took a back seat to other colors in English language as it developed.

Traditionally, English language colour words began with words meaning “white” and “black.” Red emerged next, a color associated with wine and blood, followed by yellow and finally green. Last to appear was blue.

When humans started manufacturing blue pigments, humans began to see blue as a color. There are no blue shades in cave paintings from 20,000 years ago since blue is virtually nonexistent in nature.

Humans developed blue pigments around 6,000 years ago. The ancient Egyptians valued lapis, a semiprecious stone mined from Afghanistan. This mineral was adored for its bright blue color.

The pigments are created by combining the rare lapis gemstone with calcium and limestone. “Blue” became an Egyptian word at this point in time. The Egyptians contributed blue dye to the Persians, Mesoamericans, and Romans over time, passing them on to them.

A royalty could only afford these dyes because they were expensive. Despite its rarity, blue gradually became popular enough to gain its own name in various languages after many centuries.

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