Cyberpunk 2077 Tips You Need To Know

Cyberpunk 2077 Tips You Need To Know


If you want a permanent cool ride that you can call to your location whenever you need it to be there you will have to buy vehicles or get free Cyberpunk 2077 vehicles native gamer sometimes you can earn a few custom rides and quests but most of the time you’ll have to pay up and we can say with certainty the more you play the game progressing through the side and main content the better vehicles will be offered so spending eddies quickly on a vehicle might not be the smartest choice especially since they can be quite costly with some of the more expensive rides costing upwards of 150 000 eddies but a big part of the game is building your reputation.

Green Street

You might notice the green street cred level at the top of your inventory screen and this is extremely important because it decides how night city views v building this reputation up unlocks new vendors items and other pieces of content fixers and other characters will even mention your growing legend and how they’ve heard that you get done especially in regards to weapons cyberwar and armor your reputation level will decide if you’re even allowed to buy a certain gear item many vendors will lock gear depending on your level and street cred level how you build up street cred is by taking part in night city doing gigs completing need scanner hustles clearing out gang outposts taking on side stories and etc but early on in cyberpunk 2077.

High-Level Gear

You may wonder what’s the best way to get high-level gear and there are a few answers to that question one is cyber psychos these are essentially boss fights given from fixer Regina jones as you explore night city and get close to one of these encounters she’ll call you up and ask you to take them on for her typically these encounters will guarantee some of the best loot the game has to offer like legendary weapons and outfits.


It’s worth noting these fights can be challenging each of these bosses which are scattered about have special abilities and can literally take you out with just a shot or two depending on how your character is built and the level you are at the time following a gunfight that you have in say Heywood or Westbrook you might come upon legendary or epic items then you’ll sometimes be disappointed to find out that the higher tier loot is just a lame base model but before you decide to sell the item for eddies we would actually recommend at least considering to dismantle the weapon instead because crafting and upgrading can be of importance especially when you find iconic or unique pieces of gear throughout cyberpunk 2077.

Crafting Components

You’ll find just so much junk and crafting components but all of this can be very important and worth it with upgrading your gear as the rarity goes up from common to uncommon to rare to epic to legendary the more difficult it can be to find and upgrade these items besides looting items from locations and hoping you find legendary or epic crafting components lying around it appears at least from my time in the game taking on the different types of robots and drones will guarantee more often than not better chances at obtaining these higher tier components needed for both crafting and upgrading then there’s also access points probably the biggest and most pivotal way of obtaining eddies quick hack crafting components and sometimes actual quick hacks on nativegamer that you can add to the mod section of your cyberdeck to utilize access points you need to find these small sometimes hidden interfaces usually on the minimap.

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