How To Make Friends In Fortnite

How To Make Friends In Fortnite

Fortnite provides you many new and unique features. Many new updates are being made every week in the game. You can make new friends and play with them. People from different countries play the game.

You can even play the game with your family and friends. You can make several friends in the game there is no limit. You can make friends no matter which platform you are playing the game. You just have to do the correct settings. Open your account on the top left corner click on the social icon. There you will see the option to add friends.

The friends you want to add you must know their correct id. In the textbook type the id of the player, you wish to add. You must have to use the Epic display name not any other platform name.

After typing the name click on the add friend icon after sending the request you will receive the notification that the request has been sending successfully. If that friend accepts your friend request you will see them in your friend list. When they are online you can team up and play with them.

Tips and Instructions to play Fortnite with Friends

If your friends are playing Fortnite and they are online at the same as you then you can play with them. You can send them a request to team up they will get the notification when they will come online.

There is no restriction of the platform no matter on which platform your friends are playing you can match up with them in the game. When your friends are online you can invite them by simply clicking on their name and select invite to the team. You can even make room for friends and send the code of room to your friends they can join the room by putting that code.

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